My first paper-crafting passion was card making.  I was introduced to the craft by my lovely sister-in-law, Jean, who is one of the “Real Wives of Crafting” and one of my best friends.  It was through card making that I found my love for all things paper and learned how best to use the supplies and tools of the trade.  I still make cards regularly and put a ridiculous amount of time into the design and craft of each one.

The cards I offer in my shop are only the best of my best and are all crafted with the utmost care and the best materials.  Most of the cards you’ll see for sale are one of a kind and all of them are original designs and handmade.

I also offer a mailing service for you free of extra charge.  Once you purchase a card from my shop, send me the greeting you would like included as well as the recipient’s address.  I will print the greeting into the card, address it and send it for you.  I use very high quality Paper Source envelopes and they do not leave my doorstep without a little fancy stamping and some embellishment.  My handwriting is atrocious, so I do all the addressing with my printer and fancy fonts.  Don’t worry, I only use the legible ones.  I offer this service for both domestic and international mailing.  Shipping rates still apply.

I can also make custom cards for you.  If you like a design but need a different sentiment, let me know and I can create just the right card for your occasion.

Please check out my Card Portfolio and my Card Sets to see what I’ve made in the past and don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shop to see what is made and ready to ship immediately!

If you are interested in my card making process and where my inspiration comes from, check out these recent blog posts, to name a few.

Inspired By: Real Living

The Allure of the Kit

Sketch Night


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