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As fall sets in here in the Pacific Northwest, I feel this deeply ingrained urge to get myself organized; probably due to years and years of academic cycles leaving their mark.  My blogging has become more frequent and less spontaneous over this past year and I’m now on the hunt for the perfect method of organization.  With the help of other bloggers, design software, and my local Target, I think I’ve come up with a method that works for me…, so far anyway.

I looked everywhere for a large format planner that had the specifics I need and I came up empty-handed.  Frustrated,  I thought I might try my hand at designing my own weekly planning pages.  I wanted:

  • A weekly spread that had plenty of room, especially for the weekly to-do list.
  • Something clean looking but attractive.
  • A way to register daily progress on a goal I set.  (I’ve set a goal to post three links a week day to my social networking sites as well as comment on three other blogs.  This is my way of staying active as a blogger, building community and giving my followers something pretty to look at.)

With that criteria, I had a go at two styles, one is more utilitarian and the other is much prettier.  I’ve turned both into printables for you at the end of the post.

The next step was finding the perfect vessel to hold my new planner pages.  I needed:

  • Something letter sized to match the pages, but nothing too bulky.
  • Something flexible.  I wanted to pull the pages in and out and rearrange them at will.
  • Something that I could use to take notes and outline blog posts while away from the computer, more specifically while sitting on the couch watching “Mighty Machines.”

While browsing around Target the other day I ran across this Greenroom Clipfolio.  It was 8 bucks, did everything I wanted it to, and looked so pretty in the process.  It even has a pocket on the inside which I’m hoping to use for blog planning worksheets, once I perfect their design.

I love my clipfolio and it’s functionality.  It has everything I need and room for nothing more.  It’s a workspace in itself and is extremely portable. I’m by no means done perfecting my system.  I already have an idea to add tabs to the notepad inside the clipfolio to better organize my notes.  I’ll, of course keep you posted.

We all have our own styles and needs when it comes to organization, so I thought I would show you all the blogs that inspired me to start planning better.  If my post hasn’t struck a chord, perhaps you’ll find something here that will.  Enjoy browsing, I certainly have.

Photo Credits: 1. Moe from five sixteenths blog / 2. Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess / 3. Rachel from Cornflower Blue Studio / 4. Mollie from Wild Olive

  1. A great post about all the components in her blog planning arsenal.  My Blog Planner // How to Stay on Track
  2. Insight into how they come up with so much content and keep it all straight.  Blog Post Planning Marker Board
  3. A cute and functional Post-it to do list.  DIY Rotating Goal List
  4. A stylish and printable blog planner.  Print: A Blog Planner

Here are the printables I promised, just click the picture and the Printable PDF will open.  The first planner image has both pages in one file and the second planner is split into two files.  Enjoy!

I would love to hear what your organizational secrets are.  Don’t be shy, share your pearls in the comments below.

Keep planning and pressing on friends,


3 thoughts on “Organization: Weekly Planner Pages

  1. Hi Carston, great printables, glad they are working for you. But for me, I no longer wish to be organised, the reason is in my previous life as a Project Manager I was far too organised (OCD organised) lol! Daily, Weekly, Monthly even Yearly to do lists, project plans, Filofax planners, coloured coded/highlighted tasks, you name it I did it, time management also spilled into my home life, because it had to! So since giving all that up I have rebelled, it took me a while to chill and stop being a total control freak but now I think I am nearly there. I still do the occasional To do list, in a notebook I have specifically for important tasks, but only when really necessary, the rest of the time, I just rely on my memory and do whatever I feel like doing at the time.

    The hardest part of managing your time with planners is keeping up with it, it is so easy to let things slip, so good luck and keep us posted on how things are going.

    Take Care. Linda x

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