Field-trip: Paper-Ya

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Hello again! I’ve been out and about these past few weeks, travelling with friends and making sure my summer ends with a bang.  The friends have left, sigh* and I’ve finally had a little time to start going through some pictures and get this little post together.

I want to let you all know about a great paper store I ran across on a funky little island in a world-class city.  The city is Vancouver, the island is Granville, and the paper store is the beautiful Paper-Ya!Paper-Ya store banner

A friend had told me about the store just prior to leaving Seattle for our week in British Columbia.  It sounded lovely so I made sure a visit was on our itinerary, and I’m so glad I did.  The only thing I would have changed, being a bona-fide paper addict, would have been to give myself more time there, and perhaps to have saved up a little money for the visit beforehand.  In fact, I would have set aside a whole afternoon and most of a paycheck for Granville Island.

Map Case Display

The store was stunning!  They carry everything a paper lover could want: cards, planners, notebooks, stamps, inks, tapes, the most beautiful leather briefcases, and of course paper, paper, paper.  I managed to control myself and after much deliberation walked out with a with a linen textured day planner, called the Daily Book. I wanted to leave with their entire library of planners, the map drawers, and at least two leather bags.

If after you’ve looked at these pictures, you need to prolong the paper fix, I highly recommend going to a Paper-Ya online equivalent immediately.  Here are a few; Present and Correct, Rifle Paper Co., and kikki.K.  What are your brick and mortar or online paper store favorites?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!
When you’re done drooling, grab your passport and press on over to Vancouver and paper heaven!

These lovely pictures were all taken by the very talented Andy Lien.  Check her out.  She is wicked smart, takes beautiful pictures, and is a wonderful travel partner.


10 thoughts on “Field-trip: Paper-Ya

    • So glad I was able to stoke your paper obsession, if just for a little bit. There is so much interesting stationery out these days that I can just get lost in the browsing for ages. Thanks for the comment!

  1. I love Paper-Ya!! One of my favorite shops on Granville Island! I hope you also found your way over to Terra Breads in the market for one of their yummy Apple Ginger Tarts.

    • Unfortunately we didn’t give ourselves much time on Granville but I’m planning on heading back this fall for some market goodness. We did see Terra Breads and marveled at their offerings, but my nose was already on the paper trail. I’m so glad to have Vancouver so close!

  2. It looks a lot like my favorite favorite favorite paper store in the US called Sam Flax. They’ve got one in Atlanta, one in Orlando, and one in New York City, that I know of. It’s amazing. Same thing as Paper-Ya — you need lots of time, and lots of money to spend. It’s not over-priced, but there is just SO much that a paper lover wants and needs! 🙂

    • They have a Flax art supply in SF, sounds like it might be the same thing, and you’re right, it’s totally amazing. There’s nothing like a great paper store to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks for stopping in!

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