Tutorial: Faux bois Notecards



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I recently made a very quick and easy notecard set during my card making challenge.  You may remember the “Thinking of You” cards from days 20-23. I was thrilled with how they turned out and so naturally I want to share the technique with you all.  If you’re not a card maker, you may have to do a shopping trip for supplies, but everything you need can be found at Michael’s, or better yet, borrowed from a paper-crafting friend.

1.  White card stock

2.  Wood grain background stamp

3.  Framed sentiment stamp

4+5.  Two ink pads in complementary colors (I recommend pigment ink for the background, and a black, brown or grey ink for the sentiment)

6.  Exacto knife

7.  Paper cutter

8.  Cutting mat (for use with the exacto knife and as a work surface for stamping)

The only thing not pictured above is a piece of scrap paper for stamping the mask.  printer paper is best.   Better yet, use a Post-It so your mask won’t shift during the stamping process.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is to cut, score and fold your cardstock.  If you’re doing this in a larger scale, perhaps making “Thank You” cards for your wedding, then I recommend purchasing pre-cut and folded cards with envelopes.  They are extremely affordable at Michael’s and even more so if you use a coupon.

Measure your background stamp and make sure the face of the cards are slightly smaller than the stamping surface of the stamp.  This ensures that your stamping will look polished every time, even if you don’t stamp perfectly straight.  Go ahead and cut your cards down if your stamp is slightly smaller.

On a piece of scrap paper, stamp your sentiment and cut it out using your exacto knife.

This step does not have to be done perfectly.  You’ll be using this cut out as a mask when stamping the background, so you’re basically trying to get the general shape of the frame.  Go ahead and cut out your framed sentiment leaving a bit of a border around it.  This will leave some nice white space around your sentiment once it’s stamped.

Now we’re ready to stamp your background.

Place the cut out sentiment onto the card base exactly where you want the sentiment to be on your final product.

Ink your background stamp very well.

Line up the edge of your stamp with your card’s base and gently lower the stamp onto the suface.

Apply a lot of pressure to the back of the stamp to ensure a good impression.

Lift up your background stamp and marvel at your gorgeous faux bois design.

Take away your mask, set it aside for the next card base.

Ink your sentiment stamp well and stamp it into the white space left by the mask.

Set your card aside to fully dry while you get started on the next one.

This technique is quick and versatile but gives you stunning results, a bit like letterpress.  You can switch up your sentiment, your colors, your background stamp, even the color, size and shape of your card base.  Have fun, try different things and pass this along if it strikes your fancy.

Keep pressing on you crafty souls,


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