30×30 Finale!

Hello lovely readers.  I’m in great spirits today and excited to show you my last 3 cards in the challenge.  This post is coming so late because I’ve been unable to access my blog’s dashboard and therefore unable to post anything.  My lovely hubby was able to work some of his techie magic and has found a way for me to work around the issue.  I absolutely love having my own IT staff living under the same roof!  But I digress, lets get back to the cards at hand, shall we?

Vintage map butterfly card

I had a desire to use my maps again after going a few days without any patterned paper in my life.  This card was quick and gratified the vintage lover in my soul.  It also had me using the sewing machine again.  Which was crucial in creating the next two cards.  Without having turned on the machine I wouldn’t have decided to try a new stitch and I wouldn’t have fallen in love with stitch # 9.

Take Wing Vintage Map Butterflies


stitched patchwork label card

So there it is, the beautiful, the glorious, stitch #9.  I’m absolutely brand new to stitching of any kind and I’ve been playing it pretty safe since I bought my sewing machine.  I’ve shortened some curtains, stitched some cards and really haven’t ventured from stitch #1.  But oh my, that stitch #9 is stunning and I’ll definitely be experimenting more with my machine in the future.  The vintage airmail tag used in this card can be downloaded for free, so go print some for yourself.  I love to use them on cards and to jazz up envelopes.patchwork label card

—————————————————————————————————-stitched and quilted patchwork card

For my very last card of the challenge I decided to limit myself to using only scraps that were floating around on my work table.  I put the scraps on an angle and then went a little crazy with the stitching.  This is my favorite card of the batch and was a perfect way to finish the challenge.
stitched and quilted card

I’ve now had a few days off from card making and I’m feeling rejuvenated and there is a burning desire in me to start a whole slew of new projects.  Focusing on one project for so long has gotten me extremely excited about switching gears.  I’m looking forward to a productive and crafty week ahead.  I’m also planning a giveaway with my next post so please stay tuned for that!

Keep pressing on,


4 thoughts on “30×30 Finale!

  1. Well done! I love the machine stitching too and love how it serves as antenna on the butterflies. Is the background on Day 28 from a stamp or paper? It is so perfect with the map paper butterflies.

    • The background for Day 28 is a 6″ by 6″ piece of paper but there is a stamp by Studio Calico, called the Plano Stamp that is identical. I’ve thought about getting it but I was never sure what to do with it, until now.
      Yay for a completed challenge. Thank you so much for all your support. You were my biggest cheerleader. I hope I return the favor often enough 🙂

  2. Hi Carson, I’m finally catching up on some Blog news, I am so sorry I didn’t manage to keep up with your 30×30 challenge on a daily basis, although I did look in occasionally, without having the time to comment! Congratulations on completing it, you have made some amazing cards. Linda x

    • Linda, no worries, I was up to date on your vacationing and time away from the blogging lifestyle. So glad you liked the cards and thank you for all your support. I’m currently working on a little business upgrade so you may not hear from me for a bit, that’ll make us even 🙂

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