30×30 Days 25, 26 and 27

Well folks, I did it! I completed the challenge with one day to spare. I finished card number 30 on the night of the 29th. I would have posted all my cards by now but unfortunately I’m having issues with WordPress and I can’t post to my blog from my desktop computer. I’m writing to you now from the hubby’s iPad. Thank goodness he is so technologically blessed. However I’m no fan of typing on the iPad’s keyboard so I’ll be keeping this post and the next, short and sweet.
You may be able to tell that I made all three cards in this post in the same sitting. I was attempting to craft without using any patterned paper and I was obviously feeling very spunky. I think the Maroon 5 pumping out of my stereo may have helped put me in a vibrant state of mind.
I was also trying to use some stamps that haven’t seen much use and to continue to incorporate washi tape into my designs.
For the last card I wanted to see if I could pull off a black and white design. I think it works, now I just need to find a 12 year old to send it to.
The last three cards are coming soon and once my computer is up and running again I’ll be posting a 30×30 wrap up. Stay tuned!

Keep pressing on,


9 thoughts on “30×30 Days 25, 26 and 27

  1. I love the black and white design.

    Congrats on setting and meeting your goal. I’m proud of you!

    Any favourites among the lot? Which ones will you put in your store?

    Well done sis, you’ve got talent.

    • Thanks lovely Liza! It was great to have to craft in such bulk that I was constantly trying to do something new. I’ll be answering all your questions in the wrap up, so keep a look out for that.
      Thanks for all your support. It was so great to have your feedback and encouragement. Love you!

  2. Honestly, Carson, I love every card you’ve done and I keep wanting new paper and new stamps when I see them. But really I think it is your eye and your style and the way you pull it all together that makes them so wonderful. Looking forward to the very last ones.

    Sorry about the wordpress headaches and congrats on finishing your challenge!

    • Thank you Dianne! I think that’s the beauty of paper-crafting. We can all be using similar products, but every individual brings their own eye and style to their craft. I love your cards and your personal style too!
      The WordPress headaches are still going strong, but I found a work around and will be posting my last three cards this afternoon.
      Thank you so much for all your support and inspiration.
      You are the best!

  3. I absolutely love those designs! Especially the camera’s!!

    Maybe i should do a challenge like this with my sewing… I always get distracted and it takes me far too long to finish one project.

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