Organization: Acrylic Stamps

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I started buying and stamping with acrylic stamps almost two years ago and my collection has grown quickly and out of control.  In my experience, once you start using clear stamps it’s hard to go back to wood block.  Placement of stamped images is more exact, price points are much lower, and the physical space they take up is greatly reduced.  The only problem they do pose is how to store them so that they are visible and easy to access.

For months I stored my clear stamps in a photo box, organized with tabbed index cards.  The index cards were labelled with phrases like “flower stamps” and “sentiment stamps,” but rarely does a stamp set have only one kind of image on it.  I then tried organizing by manufacturer, but inevitably, I would page through each set every time I was looking for a stamp.  I decided that I needed to see each set easily and that the only way to accomplish that goal was by switching to a binder system.

I found the binder above at Target.  It’s an 1 inch binder from their Greenroom brand.  I like that it’s pretty and recycled, but of course, you can use any binder for this project.  I do, however, recommend it be letter size.  Mini binders do not work well for this task, unless you want a whole library of them.  If doing this again, and I will be, I would purchase at least a 1.5 inch thick binder if not a 2 inch binder.  These stamps are thin but if you’re an avid stamper like I am, you’ll need plenty of room for your collection.

At Office Max I found the perfect page protectors to hold my stamps.  There are three roomy 4′ x 6′ slots per page and an additional 2.25′ x 5′ slot per page.  I’ve found that most of my stamps measure 4 x 6 inches and the smaller sets either fit side by side in the top horizontal pocket or in the mini pocket.  I have a few sets that are larger than the 4′ x 6′ format and I’ll tell you what I’ve done with those  a bit later.

Below you can see how nicely my stamps fit into the pages.   Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a link to the [IN] PLACE brand photo sleeves online.  They are however,  readily available at my neighborhood Office Max, but if you don’t have one near you, you can try this Avery brand photo sleeveI love that these sleeves are roomy.  I had to cut the edges on a few of my stamps sets to get them all to slide in and out easily, but I never had to adjust the placement of any stamps on their sheets in order to make them fit.  The sleeves also don’t seem to stick to the exposed back of my stamps.  I made the mistake long ago of throwing away the plastic backing to my clear stamp sets.  Now they are easier to use, but they tend to stick together and to almost anything else.  I’ve only had problems with my brand new Papertrey Ink stamps sticking to these photo sleeves.  I’m hoping that with time and use, the stamps will get less sticky.

In the front of my stamping binder I have my ink catalog.  You can read more about it HERE.  I find this catalog so helpful, and I use it for almost every stamping project I do.  It’s a quick and easy reference, and I don’t waste any more time finding the perfect ink for a project.

You can see in the picture below that all my oddly shaped stamps manage to fit into the sleeves and stay in place.

Now for those stamp sets that are simply too large for the sleeve.  I only have 3 such stamps sets, but they’re keepers and get a lot of use.  In order to store them I found mini page protectors at Staples.  The page protectors are supposed to be used in their mini binder system but they fit these odd sized stamps well and they fit in a letter sized binder.  So there you have it, the system that works best for me.  I would love to hear how you store your clear stamps and what works best for you in your crafting space.

If this method doesn’t look like it will work for you, then check this article out, there may be something that does work for you HERE.

Thanks for stopping in and keep pressing on!


2 thoughts on “Organization: Acrylic Stamps

  1. Hi Carson, I have nowhere near as many stamps as you (as I’m a bit of a beginner were stamping is concerned), but I have had problems storing them. I finally resorted to an A4 display wallet, very similar to your binder, but the pockets are part of the wallet. It’s not ideal but until I can find something better thats where they are staying! lol. Linda x

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