30×30 Days 17, 18 and 19

The cards are going to be coming at you fast and furiously now that I only have five days to finish eleven cards.  I’m poised to give this challenge my all in the time allotted so don’t expect any phone calls or play dates this week.  I may even attempt to get the Bubs in on the card making action.  Maybe he’s a whiz with the paper cutter or the heat gun, can’t hurt to try, right?

The card for day seventeen was oh so easy and fun to make.  I used a stunning background stamp I’d somewhat forgotten I had and simply added a fitting sentiment and a washi tape heart to the center of the sunburst.  The reason you’re seeing this stamp all of a sudden is because I took a break from card making last week and organized my acrylic stamps.  I’ll be blogging about it next month, along with the promised envelope book.  It really is so much easier to craft when your supplies are organized and visible.  


For days eighteen and nineteen I wanted to break out my watercolors.  I have a few flower stamps that were simply begging to be watercolored and I had just stocked up on some new watercolor paper.  The time was right.

It’s times like these though when I wish I had dies for all my stamps.  I had to cut the flowers out with an Exacto knife and I’m not thrilled with the results.  They look a bit jagged around the edges.  If you’re unfamiliar with dies they are basically cutting tools that will cut paper into very exact shapes much like cookie cutters cut dough.  I myself haven’t gotten into them because I have the Silhouette Cameo, but the crafting companies haven’t started making cut files for all the stamps they create yet.  I’m hopeful it will happen soon.

—————————————————————————————————-As you can tell I was on a washi binge again while creating all three of these cards.  I love how easy it is to use and with all the choices of washi right now, it’s easy to find a roll or two to work with any project.  Can you tell I’m a little crazy about the stuff?  This is my favorite pack of  washi at the moment. I highly recommend running out and getting yourself some while they are still in stock.  Its very sticky, very durable and they give you a ton on each roll.Thanks for being so understanding of my recent, less than verbose, posts.  I promise I’ll go back to saying way too much when this whole 30×30 challenge is over.

Until then, enjoy the brevity and keep pressing on.


5 thoughts on “30×30 Days 17, 18 and 19

  1. Go, Carson, go! Three winners. I want to come over and stamp with you tonight – I’m loving all your cards and will do some cards with washi tape – I’m inspired.

      • Amazing and crazy. I’ve got to look through some of my other posts and see what else I can send in. I had 897 on Saturday! Today down to 197, still a great day! Thanks for telling me about it.

      • yeah, I got lots of views for almost two weeks between craftgawker and pins on Pinterest. Only 1 subscriber and maybe three comments. I’m going to submit my next organization post and see if they’ll take it. So glad it’s working out!

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