30×30 Days 15 and 16 + Special Guest Designer

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet tonight, because, well, it’s Friday night and I want to go watch a movie with my honey.

My goal in making these two cards was to incorporate washi tape into the designs.  I have a ton of the stuff, but I haven’t used it much in my card making.  I love all the different designs that are coming available as it rises in popularity and if I don’t start using what I have, well then I won’t be able to justify adding to my collection in the future.  The card I made for day fifteen is a big departure from my usual work.  The colors are outside my comfort zone, and the design is much more graphic and less layered than I’m used to.  I’m glad I went outside the box on this one as I’m quite happy with the results.


I jumped right back into my safe, comfy box for day sixteen’s card.  Blues, yellows and hang tags could be considered my signature combination.  When I look at this card I want to board a plane for Paris,eat macarons and sip a cappuccino while writing poetry in my moleskine journal.


The last card in this post is the very first card my mom has ever made!  I think she did a fantastic job and in fact, I’m a little jealous.  The first card I made couldn’t even touch this little gem.  If you’re as impressed as I am please show my momma some love in the comments.  I’m hoping she’ll turn this whole card-making thing  into her hobby too.Keep pressing on and have a wonderful weekend!


8 thoughts on “30×30 Days 15 and 16 + Special Guest Designer

  1. Blue, yellow and hang tag makes for a lovely card in your classic style. The brown paper and white ink “hello” with the button says you too. It works, it’s great. But you also came up with a winner with your design for day 15. But yay for your Mom for trying her hand and coming up with a sweet card for the Bub. Nice work, guest designer!

    • Can I count the guest designer card as one of my 30? I defer all moral crafting dilemmas to you Dianne. Thanks for the feedback, using washi on cards really does make them come together a little faster. You need to check out the new MME Sweetest Thing washi tapes. They are affordable, stick well, and they give you a ton on each roll.

      • I also have way more washi tape then I’m using so I’m not sure if I should even LOOK!
        As to your dilemma…I think you say that YOU are going to make 30 cards in 30 days…so. No. Sorry.
        But you can mention it in your final scorecard, whatever that tally ends up being (ie “I completed 30 plus one from my guest designer”)
        The month is not over!!

      • You’re right, I know you’re right, although you’re wrong about the washi tape, you should look, and I love these new tapes so much that its making me use all my other tapes too.
        Anyway, the month is not over, I have three more cards going up tomorrow. I’m still plugging away up here!

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