30×30 Days 13 and 14

Aye yai yai!  I’m falling quickly behind and I’ve been entertaining thoughts of changing the name of this challenge to 22×30.  I almost went back through all my pictures and changed the graphics to read accordingly, when, what should appear at my doorstep, but my September Simon Says Stamp Card Kit.  If you don’t know anything about the card kit you should go here and here before reading any further.  I always get excited about opening my kit and this was no exception.  I had actually opted out of the August kit, (isn’t it cool that they give you that option) because it really just wasn’t my style.  I didn’t like the embellishments or the colors and the stamp set was one I’ve seen a million times and never wanted to buy.  So after a long stretch without a card kit to ignite my crafting senses, well lets just say, I was very excited to dig into the September kit.

The stamp set is exclusive to Simon Says Stamp and I really do love it.  It has some versatile sentiments and some great shapes.  I’ve been into stars lately anyway, you may remember these cards I made for my shop, and so I found it easy to whip out both cards in the post using just the kit, and of course, some tools in my crafting arsenal.

For my day 13 card I was very inspired by the tabbed stickers and set about to make little file folders.  I used my rub-on technique to add the words below the tabs and I used my new notebook edge punch on the main sentiment.  The hairy twine comes in the kit and although I like the way it looks, I really don’t like working with it.  It’s fussy, it’s hairy and it sheds!  I think I’ll save this card for the Bub when he needs a little inspiration once he starts school.


The design for my day 14 card came to me while drifting off to sleep.  I wanted to do more with the stars and I thought that stars orbiting a sentiment was just the ticket.  There is always that possibility that upon waking I will have completely forgotten my inspiration from the night before, but, fortunately, this was not the case.  I knew I wanted to make it rustic looking, mainly because I knew my sewing was going to look, lets say, organic.  So I cut the circle a little ragged and used the messy brown pen marks to make the night sky pop.

I am really happy with both these cards and I’m looking forward to making more cards with the kit.  I vow, however,  to use different stamps from the set for the next batch.  Thanks for popping back in.  I hope you’re in just as much suspense as I am as to whether or not I am going to be able to finish this challenge successfully.  Only ten more days and sixteen more cards will tell.

Keep pressing on and don’t forget to “Shoot for the Stars!”


8 thoughts on “30×30 Days 13 and 14

      • I encourage you to not worry about a challenge and a stretch with every card. You always make beautiful cards and if you went back to one with the strips of paper that you do so well with a greeting and maybe an embellishment, I would love to see it! Give yourself a few easy ones so it doesn’t feel like so much.

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