30×30 Days 11 and 12

For this week’s installment of 30×30 I did all my stamping using my rub-on transfer method.  That particular post has been getting a lot of traffic since it was posted on Craftgawker last week.  People seem to be liking the concept, so I thought I would pay it some homage and use it to make some custom sentiments.  For day eleven’s sentiment I used a great free font called 1942 Report.  You can download it here.  It looks like an old typewriter and I love the way it works with the rub-on.  It doesn’t go transparent like some fonts do.  It seems to have a lot of ink and holds up to the method well.  If you’re looking for a more true print on cardstock and other materials that your printer won’t accept, check out this method; it’s very simple and pretty ingenious.

The card for day eleven came to together almost by accident.  I wasn’t planning to craft at all that night and I was simply trying to get my space cleaned up, when all the little scrap pieces came together in perfect harmony.  I had punched the butterflies out last week and hadn’t managed to use the negative space paper.  The grey background was a scrap I hadn’t put away, and the number strip and purple and blue ribbon shapes were just floating around my desktop.  The only things I did intentionally for this card were the rub-on sentiment and the floral butterfly.  I’ve never made a card that way before, and it will give me real pause next time I decide to tidy my space.  Maybe I am more productive with clutter everywhere.  Who knew?


Day twelve’s card is a bit of a crossover project, but because it fits in an envelope I am calling it a card and including it in the challenge.  Technically, it is an envelope book and is made with four mailing envelopes.  I love this little book and have so many ideas for it.  I’m scheduled to post a tutorial within the week so that you all can make your own versions of it.  This particular book is going to be used as a travel notebook.  I’m planning a trip in September for a week to Vancouver and Whistler and I want to write about it when I get back.  I’m hoping to keep a log of the day’s events on the outside of the envelopes and use the pockets to collect all the travel paraphernalia that I might want to scrapbook or reference for my writing.  The book is just about postcard size, so I’m going to throw a paper clip on the back to collect items that are too large to fit in the envelopes.  Throw it in my purse and I’m never without it.I got the idea for this project from Amy Tan’s post here.  She was given a similar book by one of her sponsors, and I loved the concept so I set out to make one of my own.  This little hummer could be used for so many things: collect coupons, receipts, all the cards you don’t want to carry in your wallet, fortunes, project life materials, you name it.
What would you use it for?

Keep pressing on and so will I!


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