30×30 Days 2 and 3

A small part of me was afraid that I wouldn’t  make it to day two of this endeavor, and now that day two has come and gone, I vow to have more faith in myself.  At least until September.

So for day two I made a card inspired by the very talented Kristina Werner.  I love her circular window effect and of course the ribbon ended banner at the bottom compliments the window beautifully.  However, in an attempt to make the sketch my own, I used one of my favorite stamps and water-colored the blooms using this awesome set.   For the first time in my crafting career I used water color paper, which it turns out is just gorgeous.  It has such a nice feel and texture to it, but I quickly learned that only one side, the less textured side, is fit for stamping.  The lovely patterned papers are from two different 6×6 paper pads, this one and this one.  I highly recommend the stamp set that includes the “Grateful for You” greeting.  It’s a favorite and I actually used it on both cards in this post.
It’s a little more obvious in the close-up that I added dimension to the card using pop dots, also Kristina’s idea. I love how it adds depth to the window.  I think it gives the sense that maybe, there is a whole field of flowers in there, just out of view.


For day three, I wanted to create a masculine card, something with a black background.  I’m trying to slowly warm up into new territory and black is definitely outside my comfort zone.  I found the paper first and then couldn’t believe my luck when I ran across the tag.  I did however, spend almost a full hour trying to figure out what words I could add to the pre-printed tag in order for the card to make sense.  I think the stamped sentiment I finally settled on works, at least the script is a good match for the vintage feel that oozes from this card.  The classically patterned background paper comes from the same “Nostalgia” 6×6 paper pad used on day two.

So there you have it, days two and three, only 27 cards to go.  I’m just getting warmed up and ready for this marathon.  At this point I’m still hopeful that I’ll make it across the finish line.  Thank you all so much for your encouragement and your support.  This blog and this challenge would be no fun without you!

Keep pressing on,


2 thoughts on “30×30 Days 2 and 3

  1. Really nice work. Both cards are beautiful and I really appreciate that you kept them simple so they shine without lots of embellishment. Your watercolor flowers are really lovely and I think all the elements of the masculine card work so well together. I’m also tempted by the stamp set you recommend. Perfect timing – I want some new greeting stamps…but haven’t been hooked by the unmounted stamps yet. Your thoughts? Pros and cons?
    Keep it up, you can do it!

    • Dianne, so glad you like the cards. My style is definitely short on the embellishments. As for unmounted stamps, I really think they’re great. I’ve been growing my collection and use mostly acrylic now. Their price point is so much better than the wood mounted, the only drawback is that they are much harder to organize. If you’re just getting started, do not throw away the packaging! I wish I had done that, now they are a pain to store without it.

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