30 Cards in 30 Days

For years now I’ve wanted to participate in some sort of month long creative challenge.  First there was Nanowrimo, then 30 Days of Creativity, but the timing was never right or the motivation was never there.  Well earlier in the year one of my favorite blogs announced that she was going to do a card a day for the month of June.  I was definitely intrigued, but again the timing wasn’t right, I was focusing on my shop and had way too much on my plate.  Well guess what folks.

The time is finally right!

I don’t have much planned for the month of August and the shop has slowed down for the summer, so here goes.

I am going to make 30 cards in 30 days!  

Lets face it , a card a day isn’t possible, but a few cards every other night definitely is.  My plan is to challenge myself with different techniques, formats, colors, materials, etc.  I want to push my envelope and get well outside my comfort zone.  And I want to share the process with you.  You are going to be my coaches, calling me on it if I slack and letting me know what you think works and what doesn’t.   Hopefully you’ll be my cheerleaders too. I’m sure there will be a few days in the next 30 where I’ll need a pep talk and maybe even a pep rally, so please feel free to comment.  All your feedback will be, and always is, greatly appreciated.

I’ve been preparing  the past few weeks, collecting sketches on my Pinterest board, cleaning my workspace, stocking up on small format papers and adding some acrylic stamps to my stash.

I don’t want to overwhelm your inboxes with a post a day, so I plan to post my pics and process 3 days a week.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I would be stoked if any of you would like to play along, I would even link to your blog and post your creations on my Facebook page.

Well, lets jump right in shall we?

For 30×30 Day 1, I wanted to use these great tags  and make a pocket card.  I’ve seen a bunch of pocket cards lately, and they usually have money tucked inside them, maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to them 🙂

I stitched on my card for the first time ever and learned that I need to work on turning corners with my sewing machine.  I used a computer generated “rub-on” for the greeting, a sweet quote from Pinocchio that went nicely with the “genuinely you” strip I pulled from my newest paper acquisition.  After a bit of layering vintage papers and weathering their edges with ink, I think it came together nicely.  I won’t be putting money in this card, whoever receives it will have to be happy with a pocketful of inspiration.

Keep pressing on,


15 thoughts on “30 Cards in 30 Days

  1. My way of supporting from afar… I looked up random holidays in August to see if there were any that might provide a creative spark. These caught my attention since they seemed “Carson-y” to me: Aug 5th- Friendship Day. Aug 18th- Wizard of Oz premiered. Aug 23rd- 1st photo of Earth from the Moon. Aug 26th- Women’s Equality Day. Aug 28th- Dream Day (the day MLK gave the “I have a dream” speach).
    Best of luck my friend! Can’t wait to see how this progresses!

    • Jen, I love that you looked up these holidays, they’re perfect. I already have some ideas for a few of them. And you are extremely supportive from afar, holidays or no, your encouragement means so much to me, just wanted you to know that. Love you!

  2. WAHOOO! You can do this! And there is something to be said about doing one card per day. If you put it off for one day and plan to do two cards every other night, it might be easy to skip two days, etc. One little card. Every day. But I also support your plan and hope it works for you. Yes, out of your comfort zone, but not impossible.
    Now is the time to try the bleach+stamping technique, the double-embossing technique and perhaps something using MAPS!
    Great holidays from Jen to spark some ideas.
    Finally: I can only speak for myself but you NEVER clutter my mailbox. I’m always delighted to see mail from you. Especially the real live card that came via USPS to my mailbox. I’ve already used your washi-tape attached greeting idea for a card instead of handwriting it. Win!
    Craft away, I only wish I could spend some evenings with you this month crafting too.
    I’m not going to do 30 but I’ll crank out a few in creative communion.
    All the very best!

    • Yee Haw! I think you just wrote my longest comment to date, that should be a stat! I will definitely be trying my hand at some new techniques and maybe calling you for some new ideas once my well runs dry about mid month. Hey I just got word today that there may be some overlap with you and Andy in Seattle. I think a craft night or just a ladies night is in order!

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      • Would you believe me, if I told you I’ve made 12 necklaces in 4 days, I’ve been on a roll since I went to a Bead Fair, the beads and findings I bought gave me loads of inspiration! lol. Lxx

      • So sorry I didn’t comment earlier! I lost track of your comment in my messy e-mail inbox. 12 necklaces in 4 days is very impressive. I love that feeling you get when inspired to create and then it doesn’t feel like work does it? Hey I have a tip for your readers, Submit a crafty post to craftgawker. I have had more views and shop looks in three days than ever before!

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