The Summer Slow Down

I’ve been aware of the summer slow-down (SSD) all over the blogosphere since about mid- June, and it’s finally made it’s way here to Seattle.  You haven’t heard much from me in a few weeks and you’ll be happy to know it’s simply because I’ve been out and about, playing with my little family in the intermittent sunshine.

I don’t have anything crafty to share with you today but I thought I would share some pictures I’ve been taking over the past few weeks so you can see what the three of us have been up to.

Don’t worry I’ll only be afflicted with the SSD for another week.  Starting August 1st I’m planning a big crafty endeavor that I’ll be sharing with you daily.  Until then, I hope you all catch a little SSD and enjoy every minute of the very best season!

Keep pressing on in the fun and the sun, here’s to one endless summer!


4 thoughts on “The Summer Slow Down

  1. Wonderful collection of photos. I love Bub with his Pop on the beach. Too cute! Every picture is wonderful. What’s the story with FLYING?? Details please.


    • Thanks Dianne, it was getting all the pics, is it obvious how much I love my new camera? The Flying was a birthday gift for Auntie J from Unca A and we all joined in. You basically fly on top of a huge fan that blows you upward. Its pretty fun, although not for the aging and out of shape like myself, man was I sore the next day.

  2. Beautiful pictures as always Carson! The balloon lunch the boys shared was not as good as our adult picnic! See you at craft night…I’m excited to use what glue I have left:)

    • Jean, So true, but pics of us eating wouldn’t have been nearly as cute 🙂 If it makes you feel better, the pens have arrived and your corn dog of twine awaits. And don’t you fret, I’m sure there will be enough glue for a few sparkling glitter creations.

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