Inspired By: Real Living

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So today’s blog is the first in a series I’m planning, titled “Inspired By.”  I have come to realize that I need a little structure in this blogging venture of mine and so this is my first stab at organizing my posts.  The next step will probably involve using a calendar and sticking to it, but for now, baby steps.  With that little intro, onto the blogging…

I’ve found that when traveling internationally, it’s the little things, the everyday differences, that really excite me.  For example, I love how the Australians play with their language.  Words are often shortened, like “arvo” and “cossie” (afternoon and swimming costume); nicknames are commonplace and usually end in “o” or “a”.  I know a bloke named Saxon and he’s called “Wacka” by all who know and love him.  My hubby was dubbed “Roota” on his first visit down under and I’m known as “Carso”.

The way you order a coffee, the fact they don’t have pennies, their general lack of clothes dryers:  It’s all the little differences that make the trip feel like an endless discovery and help to nudge your mindset to the open position.

Anyway, while in Australia recently, I ran across a magazine which I loved, Real Living.  It’s a design and style magazine, much like House Beautiful, but for all its little differences it was so refreshing!  For instance I love how the June cover is titled “Winter Colour.”   Winter in June?  Well of course if you’re from Oz.

The magazine was a winner and I decided to take it home with me to inspire my crafting.  I chose three spreads from the Real Living  June issue that spoke to me and sat down this evening to make three corresponding cards, one for each spread.

The first spread is totally me: the wooden drawers, the maps on the wall, the large graphic font, the mint green chair.  The only thing I don’t love about this spread are the rugs, so naturally, I just pretended they weren’t there.

And here is the card that was inspired by the room that I would love to call home.

I’ve seen people pull inspiration for their projects from other types of design before, but I had never done it myself and it was a definite palm-to-forehead moment.  Of course taking a professional stylist’s palette is going to yield a successful card!  I’m a convert and can already see the magazines piling up in my future.

Here is the second spread I chose to inspire my crafting.

I was drawn to the pops of yellow and green on an otherwise neutral palette.  The card below was more of a deviation from the spread than the first card, but that is where the fun begins, right?  Taking your design where it leads you and not the other way around.

I tried to work the green in behind the bees but it just didn’t work, so blue it is.  I decided to pop the cut out pieces of honeycomb onto the front in order to cover a blemish and it turned out to be the best feature on the card.  I love when that happens.

The last piece is a much more minimalist spread that I chose for the gold bedding.  I don’t usually work with gold but I do have some supplies, so I wanted to try my hand at it.

As my luck would have it, the wood paper I’d been using all night had a pattern of fans on the backside, seriously!

I didn’t incorporate as much gold as I had set out to, but I am happy with the gold accents and the added green.  I feel like this card still needs something, but its been hours now and I still don’t know what that something is so by default, the card is finished.

Overall, it was a fun and creative crafting session.  I highly recommend pulling out a magazine next time you find yourself uninspired or creatively blocked.  It can’t last long with those shiny, colorful, well styled pages laid out before you.

Keep pressing on!


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3 thoughts on “Inspired By: Real Living

  1. Great Blog post and very interesting, love all the facts about the Australians play with language. I love your card designs too, especially the yellow bee card it’s so different and I know what you mean about the last card, something is missing, something on the bottom left corner perhaps on top of the green? I also use mags for inspiration, especially when I’m lacking ideas, I’ve got quite a collection now! Looking forward to reading more. Linda x

    • Linda,
      So glad you liked the post and the cards. I did work more on the third card today and a bit of twine around the bottom with a bow tied in that corner was just the ticket. Are there any magazines in the UK that I should seek out for inspiration?

      • Oh WOW that is a tough question, depends if you are thinking home style mags or crafting mags, because there are so many to choose from! Glad you finished your third card, sound great. Lx

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