The Allure of the Kit

We’ve moved!  Blue Button Press is now officially the new Pine & Plum.  In the move I did lose all my lovely WordPress followers, so if you think you may be one of my lost friends please re-subscribe to stay up to date with everything Pine & Plum.

I’ve recently fallen prey to the allure of the coordinated card making kit.  If you are unfamiliar with the paper-crafting community, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but let me assure you these kits are hard to resist.  They come with almost everything you need to assemble a card; cardstock, stamps, coordinating patterned papers, embellishments, everything but the inks and adhesives.  I’ve often drooled long hours over monthly scrapbooking kits like this one and this one, but I was able to control myself due to the high price and having no idea what to do with the “thickers” (chipboard letters) that are always included.  But recently, Simon Says Stamp has come out with a similar kit for card making, no thickers to be seen.   I had been eyeing the kit for a few months and then May’s kit came out and I was done for.

The price is apparently below my brain’s “too spendy” threshold and I was able to come up with a number of justifications, which are:

1.  It comes with an exclusive stamp set that I can see myself using often

2.  They give you a whole roll of washi tape!

3.  Those little blue buttons are darling, and I don’t have any in that color in my overflowing with buttons pickle jar.

4.  This would be a great way to try out products I wouldn’t buy myself.

5. It ships automatically every month and would stop me from spending more in multiple trips to the craft store.

I was very happy with the May kit when it arrived.  I immediately made some fun cards, the ones you see below, and I’m excited to make more for my graduating pitchers.

Then June’s kit came in them mail.  It was all very exciting, opening the package and rummaging through all the goodies, but about 5 minutes in I realized that this kit just wasn’t a good match for my tastes.

It’s very sweet, and for those of you whole love Vintage Victorian, well, it’s probably your cup of tea.  However, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it.  I love the greeting stamp set, it’s lovely, it’s versatile, and I’ll be using it for years.    The vintage papers and the twine are also great and will definitely get used.  I have absolutely no idea what to do with the straight pins or the other stamp set, perhaps a giveaway on my blog.  I did try my hand at it and made two cards with the kit.

After the second card, I was already a little bored with my options, so I supplemented the kit with some other supplies and made one more card.

Now, if they would just make a vintage air-mail themed kit every month I would be their happiest customer.

All in all, the Simon Says Card Kit is a great product for a very good price.  If I were smarter and not the gambling type, I would wait each month to see the kit and buy it only if it excited my inner crafter.  For now I’ll stay a subscriber and continue to stalk the mail man each month on kit day.

Keep pressing on,



7 thoughts on “The Allure of the Kit

  1. I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and I must say that I am very happy I did! I have been tempted by the various cardmaking and scrapbook monthly kits but haven’t given in yet. However, I believe I have just changed my mind and am going for it! Thanks for sharing this with me. I love your blog!

    • Brenda,
      So glad you liked the post and my blog. I really doenjoy receiving the card kit every month and I’m sure you will too. If you do subscribe, let me know how it goes. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Hi, I follow you usually via The Crafty Network, but don’t always get chance to pop over for a look. So while I’ve been updating my other blog today whilst it’s been raining I though I would catch up on some Blog reading. I love all the cards you have made and know exactly what you mean about justifying to yourself why you have to have something, I did that in January when I bought a cuttlebug. I like both card kit sets but can see how it is best to swap a few things over to match your own style. Take care. Linda x

    • Linda,
      So glad you stopped in. I think almost every crafting purchase comes with some justification, and most of the time I can always come up with something. I’m curious how you like your cuttlebug, if you stop back in let me know.
      Thank you for the compliments and the comment, I’m off to check out your blog now.

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