Natural Inspiration

We’ve moved!  Blue Button Press is now officially the new Pine & Plum.  In the move I did lose all my lovely WordPress followers, so if you think you may be one of my lost friends please re-subscribe to stay up to date with everything Pine & Plum.

G’day mates, I’m just back from Australia and getting into the swing of business as usual.  We returned to spring in full bloom here in Washington, otherwise known as the ” Land of 10,000 Rhododendrons, ” or at least it should be.  They are everywhere right now and blooming in a million different colors.  Inspired by all the loveliness I took my camera for a walk and basked in their beauty this afternoon.

The basking led to an intense itch to make something ombre, a french word that means graded tones or shades of color.  So I went home, unearthed my water colors, and set to doing  just that.

Now I’ve been out in the world recently, and all the nature I’ve been experiencing has woken up my spirit and is driving my creativity.  It may have something to do with my recent exposure to sunshine as well.  So here is my ode to all that gorgeous natural beauty .  First in photos …

Next in crafty goodness.

Hello sunshine!

Here is a picture of my crafting space while I was creating these vibrant little cards.  I rarely work with watercolors and I’m sure it’s obvious that I am not skilled with them, but for a small project like this they are incredibly forgiving and so easy to work with.  Even Maggie wanted to try her hand with the brush.

Keep pressing on and soaking in the spring magic,



2 thoughts on “Natural Inspiration

  1. These photos are stunning! It is so amazing to be able to see all this creativity in person. Keep up the great work 🙂

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