Sketch Night

Another week has gone by and craft night with the ladies came around again last night. Thank goodness too, there is just something so necessary about getting together with friends, drinking wine and letting our creative selves run wild with paper and glue. A little bit like Sex in the City, a very little bit.

As you may know we often have themes at our craft nights and last night’s theme was “sketch night.” For those of you unfamiliar with card making and scrapbooking, a sketch is simply a pattern to follow when creating a card. We each chose a sketch, Jess made one of her very own, Jean and I sketch lifted from the internet and magazines, and we each had to make a card based on the 3 sketches chosen. 3 sketches, 3 cards each and hours of crafty entertainment. You can find a milliion great sketches here.

Here are the sketches we chose.

I’ve been making cards for about 3 years now and I’d never worked from a sketch. Somehow it felt like cheating, and I wanted to create damn it, not copy! But last night was truly a revelation. Using the sketch as a template was very freeing. I was able to mix and match the elements to my heart’s content and riff on the layout to create something that felt pretty damn original.

So first up, my cards! It’s my blog, so I get to go first 🙂

Hopefully you can tell which card belongs to which sketch. The green balloon card, took about 5 minutes to put together, another first for me. If using sketches can allow me to make twice as many quality cards in one sitting, then I’m a convert.

Next up, Jess!

Jess is a professional when it comes to crafting from sketches. As I’ve said before she has a card sketch book that comes with her every week and because of it she pumps out beautiful cards seemingly in bulk. I love the card she did using the sketch I chose. I think that just goes to show how attached we all are to our aesthetic. Her idea to use a single stamp and cut it up was very clever and worked beautifully! Bravo Jess!

And for the finale, Jean!

I love that we can all be working from the same template and yet our individual styles stay so intact. Jean’s cards are full of color and whimsy. I love all the cutouts and the floral embellishments. I look at black lines and see lines, she sees flowers and scallops and sweet birds.

As the night was wrapping up, we all agreed that sketch night was a smashing success. I even printed out a template for a sketchbook from the talented Kristina Werner, and assembled it before the night was over.

Keep pressing on,



3 thoughts on “Sketch Night

  1. Wow – I love this! At first I thought you were each going to only do a card from your own sketch, but this shows how making a card using a template is only a guideline. All the cards are unique and beautiful and reflect their creators more than the original sketches. I am going to do this next time I sit down to make some cards.

    • I’m glad you like it Dianne. I can’t wait to browse all the sketches on Pinterest and make a board of my own with some choice pics. This is something we could do miles apart too, pick a sketch, craft on our own and then see what cool stuff we each come up with.

      • Fantastic idea! I’ll look for one (or more) and send them to you. I am already planning on doing yours and maybe Jean and Jen’s too. In fact, I may have some saved from my long-ago Stampin’ Up days. I’ll be in touch.

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