Lavender Magazine, The Wedding Issue!

photo credit: a.m. photography

Lavender Magazine Issue 439

Lavender Magazine, the Twin Cities premiere LGBT magazine, releases their wedding issue today and it’s a gorgeous mix of all things wedding.  You can follow the link above to see the online version and get all the web extras.  I love the real weddings featured in this issue, there is something so special about seeing real couples on their happiest day, the joy they feel is contagious.  I can’t look at wedding photos and not grin from ear to ear.

Pay close attention to pages 8, 30, 31 and 44.  Those are the pages where bluebuttonpress is featured!  Woo Hoo!  I put together a tutorial on how to make your own wedding banner with the simplest of materials so please go check it out.  You can see the finished product on page 44 where it is used in a photo shoot as a photo prop.  I think the picture is darling, I love the way the couple is holding hands, so sweet.

I’ve also reworked my WordPress site a bit so I encourage you to take a look around and please leave any feedback you may have, I’m always eager to know what you like and what you think doesn’t quite work.

I’m off to a wedding this weekend in California and can’t wait to enjoy a little dance, a lot of laughter and buckets of love.  Have a great weekend everyone, spring has sprung, enjoy!

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