Scrap Night

I’ve been keeping busy these last two weeks working on a number of pieces commissioned by family and friends (love you guys!) and in the process I’ve been stockpiling more pieces of scrap paper than ever before.  I’m becoming overwhelmed with it all.  There are large piles of scrap paper forming all over the craft room – one has taken over the dining room buffet and even more is filed away in a dedicated cabinet.

Wednesday craft nights with my inspirational friends have become a weekly event now and we’ve been coming up with themes in order to focus and challenge ourselves.  Well, last night was “scrap night.”  It basically was an attempt for us all to pawn our scraps off on one another; there were no takers.  And by the end of the evening, it felt like the scraps had actually multiplied.  I guess when you take small pieces of paper and cut them up, you are in fact making more scraps.

Here are the cards I made last night.  They are quick and easy and always pleasing to the eye.  Really there isn’t much design involved if you just let the patterned paper do all the work.

The strip pattern is a bit time consuming, but is sped up considerably if you use a roll-on adhesive spread liberally over your base paper.  I abhor roll-on adhesives, as I have never been able to use one without it breaking halfway through its intended lifespan, so I used Zig 2-Way glue, incredible stuff!  There is a good tutorial for the method here.  The square pattern is a snap if you have a 1-1/4″ square punch.  I’ll leave you with another scrap project I made last week, a mini-bunting which will probably find its way into the Bub’s room.  If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you would know that mini-bunting and babies are a match made in heaven.  Who am I to buck the trend?

Keep pressing on,



10 thoughts on “Scrap Night

  1. Great new look on your blog, Miss Bluebuttonpress! I love it. I also love the link – thank you! Is the tag line new too? I don’t recall seeing it before…and the buttons for Etsy and Pinterest. Nice work. Nice post.

    • Thanks Dianne, those buttons took a long time to get just right, Photoshop definitely has a steep learning curve. The tag line started on the second or third post, Ian came up with that one. Thank you for having such a great post for linkage!

      • It’s a great tag line.

        You have yourself to thank again since you were essential to my even starting a blog!

        By the way, I have paper-storage envy. But wait until you see the project I’m working on!

  2. I like the square scrap card! I will have to try it out when we meet on Wednesday! The “hello” card is my favorite!

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