Celebrating Marriage Equality

Because I try to surround myself with open-minded, morally sound, compassionate people, I find myself with an abundance of gay friends. In their honor, and in celebration of marriage equality coming to Washington state, I made my first wedding banner. This banner can be used as a prop for wedding photos, a cute way to designate the couple’s private table, or simply an “awww” inducing decor element to add to the mix.

Don’t worry ladies, I’m working on a “Mrs. & Mrs.” banner now and will, of course, have some “Mr. & Mrs.” banners to offer as well; All love is celebrated here at bluebuttonpress. I have a lot of fun making these and can customize them to your colors and design aesthetic, so if you like the look, please contact me and we can make something special just for your event.

I love weddings. And from my experience, same-sex weddings often feel more personalized and less bound by tradition than their heterosexual counterparts. Gay couples have had to establish their own path for their relationships and that seems to carry over into their ceremonies. I went to my first same-sex wedding last summer, it was beautiful, and I’m just so happy that these joyous events will finally be recognized by the state.

Whoever you are and whomever you love, you deserve to share that love publicly and have it recognized by all. I’m proud of my new home state. Go Washington!

Keep pressing on,



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