Map Love

My love of maps began in the sixth grade.  My mom allowed my sister and I to get our own magazine subscriptions.  Sis opted for Rolling Stone and I giggled with delight as I signed up for National Geographic.  Whatever this implies about our differing personalities, well, it still holds true to this day.  I guess you can sum it up by saying sis has a lot more fun.  She may, but I have more maps.

When I left for college in 1995, I packed all my maps into a Florida orange box, taped it up with packing tape, and threw it in the back of the 4-runner for our road-trip from California to Minnesota.  That box has moved everywhere I have for the past 17 years.

Well, I finally opened it this past week after being inspired by all the map related crafts on Pinterest.  My maps were in great shape, all so crisp, perfectly dated by their yellowing edges and 80’s graphics.  It was like opening a treasure chest.  I’ve since been gleefully slicing them up, marring them with ink and glue, and loving every minute of it.

I’ve made a few cards, but there has definitely been a learning curve when working with the maps, so these first few examples are pretty rough.  I have big plans though; perhaps a Bon Voyage pennant banner, maybe a card set of state cutouts, the wheels are turning and my raw materials are plentiful.

Here are the rough drafts.  Maps really do make things more beautiful.

Keep pressing on,



10 thoughts on “Map Love

  1. Hey Carson, I love maps also! Speaking of which a few years back Liza gave me a really beautiful (and very detailed) National Geographic map of America which tales pride and place on my bedroom wall. I look at it every day.

    • Jaye, As I’ve been going through the box I’ve been setting certain maps aside that are just too gorgeous to cut up. I love that Liza is giving out maps of the homeland, she always has been a very thoughtful gift giver, I miss that beautiful woman! We’re going to see you in May right?

  2. Carson! Look where you are now! Did you know that right before I left New York for good, I was walking through my neighborhood and ran across a big pile of maps of the North Bay – Sebastapol, Mill Valley, Calistoga, Tomales Bay – lying in the gutter? True story. I have also hauled my map collection all over the map. So if you need more material, you know where to find it.
    Miss you!

  3. If you have any maps of the Philippines I would love to check them out and maybe make a card for my parents anniversary. Love the cards you made, good job sister!!

  4. Wow – we are on the same wavelength! I just made a Valentine for Rem with a map. It is a map of the world decoupaged onto a wooden heart I picked up at Michael’s. I added a banner that says “You Mean the World To Me”.

    I love your map cards! I can see “Wish you were here”, “The world is your oyster”, “Oh, the places you’ll go” (thanks, Dr. Suess). Oh, the possibilities.

    I’ll have it on my blog soon and maybe some map cards too. Miss you and love you.

    • I feel like we are always on the same wavelength! I can’t wait to see your valentine post, I’m sure its a gorgeous project, that will look fabulous on my maptastic pinboard. Thank you for all the world sayings, I need to start a quote/sentiment journal and keep these tidbits always within reach.

      Love you and miss you too!

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