Book Crush

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a bit of a paper addict.  But what I haven’t told you is that my real paper high comes from manipulating paper into functional, three dimensional objects. However, in the world of 3D paper, I’m still a virtual newbie.  For instance, I can’t do any of this, but I did want to share with you a book I’ve recently discovered, that feeds my addiction beautifully.  Watch out, the first fix is free…

My favorite book of the moment is Erin Zamrzla’sAt Home With Handmade Books.”

This book speaks to me.  The book contains all kinds of practical advice about actually binding books, for you studious types, but for you artists out there she turns books into whimsy and will have you making your own journal within the hour.  She will show you how to make “Wish-You-Were-Here Postcard Journals,” a “Wall Art Drawing Pad” and “Tag Notebooks.”  She even makes books out of old socks and they are absolutely darling.  I bet she could make one of my husband’s old socks look darling.  I’m telling you, she is magical! I plan to make her “Idea Files,” small accordion books bound by index cards and stored in a recipe box.  Now to find the perfect recipe box.

Keep pressing on,



2 thoughts on “Book Crush

  1. I’m not sure that anyone could make my boyfriend’s sick look darling but this book sounds great. I’ve been wanting to take a book binding course for a while but when I thought I’d found one it was on the other side of the country.

    • Siobhan, You should also check out “Bookcraft” by Heather Weston. It includes a bunch of binding techniques, well illustrated and explained. Its also a beautiful book, just not quite as drool worthy. I hope you find a workshop closer to home, I think its well worth it!

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