The Real Wives of Crafting

So, I have been fortunate since moving here to Washington to find some wonderful friends who enjoy getting together to craft, to chat, and to help me knock back a few glasses of wine.  We had just such a night this past Wednesday and it was the perfect respite from all the new changes going on in life.  My sister-in-law, Jean, and a new friend, Jess, came over around seven PM and the crafting began almost immediately.  We talked about our husbands, our kiddos, our mothers-in-law and then our husbands again. Jess cranked out the cards!  She is  a very prepared and industrious crafter.  She has a sketch book into which she carefully draws an assortment of card layouts whenever they pop into her mind.  When she sits down to create, she references her book and makes twice as many beautiful cards as anyone else at the table.  She has a great eye for color and her cards always come out looking simple but stunning. Jean was making a set of number cards for the wall of my nephew’s nursery.  She cut the numbers using my Silhouette Cameo (have I told you all how much I love that machine?), she then sat down, started sketching a penguin and ten minutes later she has the most adorable penguin made of different black and white patterned papers, ready to adorn her  number 1 card.  She succeeded at churning out the sweetest paper animals all night long. And it turned out to be a long night.  I liken crafting time to gaming time, only because I’ve experienced the way that gamers (the husbands again) can immerse themselves in a game for hours on end without having any knowledge of how much time has passed.  I believe a Korean man once died in an internet cafe because he forget to feed and water himself during a marathon gaming stint.  Crafting is a bit like that, but because it is mainly a female affair… well, it’s never quite that extreme.  The hands on the clock whizzed around faster and faster until midnight was upon us.  Jess had finished a half dozen cards, Jean was on her fourth bumble bee and I had just completed my second and last card for the night.  What can I say, I was distracted by the wine. Thank you ladies, for a wonderful night.  You bring sanity to this displaced Californian soul. Here are the two cards I labored over for hours :).  Please note Miss Maggie Loo’s (kitty) internet debut!

Keep pressing on, Carson


5 thoughts on “The Real Wives of Crafting

  1. Love this post! Yay for Maggie Loo – maybe next time she won’t be so shy about being on camera. Great cards, great evening of crafting. I’ll be doing some crafting today and I’ll pretend you are right across the table. Bring your own bottle.

  2. This is the best way to destress and get out of the house. Ever since the baby was born, my routine has been monotonous most weeks. But on Wednesday night after Carson let me cut out my numbers I became determined to create number cards! My husband can use his imagination and come up with great scenerios for his friends, but I get to make something with crafty materials and let the time slip away while also chatting with my lady friends. A free therapy session and a much needed break from a repetitive schedule, thank you Dr. Carson!!

    • Jean, I totally agree. It’s so important to have some craft project brewing in your brain during the day’s fifth reading of “Franklin Goes to School”. It totally keeps me sane and so does the company of adults, adults I adore. Thanks for coming over and being so darn crafty. Love you sis.

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