Here is a card I made recently using the same stamp and pastel technique I used on Hello Peony.  The outlines of this stamp weren’t as strong as the Peony stamp and so I went back over the pastels with colored pencils.  The pencils helped to brighten the flowers and keep them from looking washed out.  I have just started playing around with the pastels that I’ve had for close to 3 years now.  I think they look stunning on larger format stamps and honestly I can’t afford Copics and have never learned to use them properly.  I use my pinkie finger to apply the pastels and clean it up with the eraser provided in the set.  It comes out beautifully every time.

This card also uses a couple of my go-to supplies, the butterfly punch and my wood grain background stamp.  I love them both and I wouldn’t know how to finish a card without them.


Update:  I have had to remove all the pictures from this post because the card has been accepted for publication.  I will write a post about it all once it is actually published.  I don’t want to risk a jinx!

Keep pressing on,




2 thoughts on “Ranunculus

  1. Ranunculus, the Greek God of flowers.
    Carson, your coloring was great on the flowers, they looked 3-D and I love the wood around the card, great coloring there too! Congratulations on the new blog!

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