Valentine Banner

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday I thought I would make my husband a visual reminder of my love.  Okay, that was the idea, but really he isn’t too much into Valentine paraphernalia, so mostly I made it for myself.  I need to restring the banner and I’m toying with making it double-sided, perhaps a “Be Mine” on the back so I can flip the whole thing if I’m feeling like a change.  It would also make it more amenable to hanging across a window or doorway.

If you’re interested in learning how to make the paper rosettes, this was the best video I found.


4 thoughts on “Valentine Banner

  1. More details on how this was made, please. I’d also like a close up on that frilly circle – is it like the Christmas ornaments?

    Very cute – visual reminders are nice. 🙂

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